CFP Services

the following Centralized Automatic Lubrication Systems (Autolube, Auto Greaser):

  • Lincoln
  • Quicklub (Quick Lube)
  • Centromatic
  • Mod Lube
  • SKF – Vogel
  • Graco
  • Groeneveld
  • Beka-Max
  • CAT

Other names for Centralized Automatic Lubrication Systems are:

  • Autolube System
  • Auto Greaser

Benefits From Automatic Lubrication

  • Gain 30 to 45 minutes a day of increased productivity for each machine by lubricating 'on the fly.'
  • Substantially improve bearing life and reduce repairs by delivering frequent, smaller amounts of grease to each bearing.
  • Cut grease consumption by delivering the exact amount required.
  • Improve safety by eliminating the daily practice of climbing all over machinery to lubricate.
  • Proper lubrication, no matter the environment or weather conditions.
  • Increase the resale value of the equipment.

The Cost of Improper Lubrication

  • Increased spending for repairs and parts.
  • Lost production due to daily manual lubrication and unexpected repairs.
  • Contamination- wearing down the pins, bushings, and other components.
  • Lower resale value for used equipment.
  • Waste of lubrication is caused by excess lubrication.