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Surveillance cameras aren't just for crime prevention anymore. They have a multitude of business and government applications since they have been proven to increase profits and improve efficiency.


Employee monitoring -- The 2005 Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey found an increase in the amount of employers using video monitoring to monitor employees' on-the-job performance. The survey also noted that 85% of employers tell their employees that they are under surveillance. Monitoring helps companies see how employees are using their work time and it checks for efficient transaction processing at banks, high-tech companies, or in securities exchange businesses. Video monitoring can determine customer traffic patterns, which can help managers maximize their scheduling hours.

Gaining customer service information -- Without video monitoring, managers would not gain the proper amount of feedback from customers to know if the company is delivering its promises. For example, in a department store, surveillance cameras help managers know if the customer is greeted properly, if the customer's question is answered completely, and if the customer is thanked by name and also offered a credit card. These cameras provide valuable feedback to improve the service provided, which will ultimately bring customers back, build brand loyalty, and increase the customer's confidence in the product or service. In addition, images of employees performing correct and incorrect tasks from these surveillance cameras can assist with the training of new employees.

Compliance monitoring -- Video monitoring helps managers see if employees are using proper sanitation techniques, which is vital for the food and hotel industry. Compliance monitoring can also help to see if the appropriate methods for packing and processing are being used, such as in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. These PTZ surveillance cameras would be positioned above the processing floor so that they can optimally capture the employees doing their jobs from different angles.


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