Reversing Safety

Reversing and parking in confined spaces can be tricky and hazardous, demanding considerable awareness and skill from the driver. We have two solutions that provide a safer means to back-up with confidence.

Back-up alarms are a proven means of making the work area safer for everyone. Complete Fire Protection LLC carries the unique bbs-tek white sound reversing alarm. These alarms are better and safer than standard alarms and don't cause a noise nuisance.

Safety is a priority as well as protecting your assets. Back-up cameras take the guess work out of going in reverse. Everything behind the vehicle is visible via an in-cab monitor. No more blind-spots. No more worries.

Feel free to download the Brigade Electronics brochure here Brigade Brochure 2007.pdf

Cameras and Alarms

Complete Fire Protection can help to significantly reduce work related accidents caused by reversing and lack of visibility. Contact us for more details.

Heavy Equipment
Complete Fire Protection LLC is an authorized Brigade Electronics distributor.

Heavy Equipment Specialists

We have experience with a variety of heavy equipment installations. The mining, steel, and land-fill industries are among our customers. We've installed and maintained vehicle back-up equipment for use in some of the most rugged environments.


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