Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Grills, fryers, and ranges each present a unique fire hazard. These hazards can be eliminated with a well maintained and up-to-date kitchen fire suppression system. We will plan and construct the fire suppression system that suits your needs. To ensure the system will function properly, we also provide semi-annual maintenance inspection. Whether you simply require inspection of your current system, a recharge, or a complete installation, give us a call for a free quote.

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Semi-Annual Service and Testing

We provide complete service for your kitchen fire suppression system. Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems must be inspected and tested every 6 months. At Complete Fire Protection, we will take care of the scheduling of semi-annual inspections. No need to contact us, we will contact you every six months for scheduling of our service. Ask to be a part of our no-worry program. Not only will you have the peace-of-mind that your system continues to stay in code, you can rest assured that your kitchen system will function properly.

Kitchen Suppression

Complete Fire Protection is a licensed distributor of Pyro-Chem fire suppression products.
Pyro Chem
The Pyro-Chem fire suppression system utilizes a wet chemical agent specifically designed to suppress restaurant cooking area fires. The system provides automatic actuation and can be manually actuated through a remote mechanical pull station. Upon actuation, the system discharges a pre-determined amount of agent to the duct, plenum, and cooking appliances. The agent acts to suppress fires in three ways.

  • The chemical chain reaction causing combustion is interrupted by both the agent itself and the resulting steam formation.
  • The agent cools the fire bringing it below auto-ignition temperature.
  • The agent reacts with hot grease forming a soap-like layer (saponification) that helps prevent the escape of combustible vapors, thus preventing re-ignition.
The KITCHEN KNIGHT II system is the standard for kitchen fire suppression. Manufactured by Pyro-Chem, this system has been tested and approved in accordance with the UL testing standard for kitchen cooking areas, Standard UL-300. Pyro-Chem authorized distributors have been extensively trained in system design, installation and maintenance.



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