Fire Extinguishers

Complete Fire Protection offers inspection of your existing fire extinguishers at a reasonable price.  We can schedule re-occuring monthly or annual inspections depending on your needs.  Call us for a price quote or for more information about our fire extinguisher inspection service.

NFPA required periodic maintenance

Annual Maintenance:

  • Check gauge pressure
  • Check gauge condition and compatibility
  • Check last hydro-test date (if applicable)
  • Check last 6-year maintenance inspection (if applicable)
  • Check valve and shell for damage or corrosion
  • Check hose condition for cracks or splits
  • Check hose threads
  • Check hose for for obstructions
  • Break seal and remove pin
  • Check upper and lower handles
  • Replace locking pin and reseal
  • Check valve opening for powder or any foreign matter
  • Fluff powder (if applicable)
  • Clean shell (with spray if needed)
  • Check band
  • Ensure unit classifications & instructions are  legible
  • Observe  hazard
  • Ensure unit corresponds with the hazard
  • Ensure unit is properly hung with the proper manufacturer’s hanger
  • Ensure unit has been properly placed within the normal path of travel and at proper height
  • Ensure use is properly identified with class decal
  • Ensure unit is visible and unobstructed
  • Tag extinguisher indicating the type and date of maintenance and identify the person or company who performed the service

Six-year Maintenance:

  • Perform all Annual Maintenance checks
  • Discharge extinguisher
  • Clean and inspect valve and siphon tube, replacing worn / damaged parts as needed
  • Inspect shell interior
  • Install verification of service ring (shows unit has been properly disassembled and checked)
  • Fill and re-pressurize extinguisher with appropriate chemical
  • Install 6-year maintenance label showing date of service

Hydrostatic Test (performed at 12 year intervals):

  • Perform all Annual Maintenance items
  • Perform all Six-Year Maintenance items
  • Perform hydrostatic pressure test on unit at 3x operating pressure (or as indicated on unit)
  • Thoroughly dry unit interior, fill, and re-pressurize extinguisher with appropriate chemical
  • Install hydrostatic pressure test label showing date of service and test pressure

What exactly do fire extinguisher service companies do?

An extinguisher service company’s objectives should be to assess fire risks and ensure adequate protection for personnel, structures, and equipment. The service company should also help ensure their clients are in compliance with local fire and building codes.

It all begins with a Site Survey…

A technician tours the site, observes hazards, checks coverage, and then checks existing extinguishers for their manufacture date to determine what maintenance is required. If coverage is inadequate recommendations are made to bring protection up to code.

What maintenance is required? Who requires it?

Most municipalities have building and fire codes that require facilities to provide and maintain fire extinguishers for personnel, structure, and equipment protection. Almost all such municipalities defer to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regarding fire extinguisher type, number, maintenance, and placement requirements.

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