Vehicle Back-up Alarms

Vehicle back-up alarms are proven to be a safer way to travel in reverse. Let everyone in the vicinity know that you are backing up.

Cameras and Alarms

The combination of a back-up camera and alarm is an ideal solution for a much safer work environment. Complete Fire Protection LLC can help you back-up safely and confidently with the installation of these two great products.

Remember to check-out the vehicle back-up camera page. No need to guess what's behind your vehicle.

Back up Alarm

We Install bbs-tek® Back-up Alarm Systems

bbs-tek® Alarm Systems. The most appropriate reversing solution is found in broadband sound - as it encompasses a wider spectrum. Brigade Electronics' bbstek broadband alarms provide a unique solution to the difficulty of giving the location of a sound source. In comparison to conventional back-up alarms, bbs-tek is equally as effective at alerting the listener to the presence of the reversing vehicle. As the multi-frequency range of the system spans from 400 Hz to over 8 kHz, the sound emitted is locatable and directional.

When in motion, a bbs-tek alarm provides a "white noise" hissing sound. This translates as 'shhh!' in directly audible terms. By localizing the noise emission, the alarm sound is only audible in the immediate vicinity of danger. In addition, the effects of broadband over narrowband sound are much safer aurally.

Unique bbs-tek white sound reversing alarms are better and safer than standard alarms and don't cause a noise nuisance.


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