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Complete Fire Protection is an authorized Lincoln distributor specializing in Service and Installation of Lincoln lubrication systems.

Whatever the service - evaluating your lubrication methods, installing a custom-engineered system or supplying top-quality manual lubrication products - We make certain you always get the very best value.

Auto-Lubrication Advantages

Calculate the return on your investment

Approximate annual costs to manually lubricate a mid-size loader in a typical work environment.  Your anticipated benefits can be calculated using the same formula for lost labor, production, and annual costs to repair failed component

  • $3,125 for 30 minutes per 8-hour shift X $25/hour X 250 days (labor)
  • $10,625 for 30 minutes per 8-hour shift X $85/hour X 250 days (production)
Total manual lubrication cost   $13,750

  • $1,000 for replacement of pins and bushings 2 pins X $500 each
  • $720 for One person X $60 X 2 repairs X 6 hours each (repair labor)
  • $1,020 for 2 repairs X $85/hour X 6 hours each (lost production)
Total repair costs cost   $2,740

Annual Manual Lubrication Cost $16,490

Estimated savings with a Lincoln Quicklub Automatic Lubrication System
  • $13,063 saved due to a 95% reduction in spending for labor and lost production with auto-lubrication
  • $1,370 saved due to a 50% reduction in spending for parts, labor and lost production to repair failed components
Total annual savings   $14,433

$7,600 for a typical installed Quicklub System cost for a loader with Data Logger Pump.

6.3 months return on investment
System cost / Annual Savings X 12 months = R.O.I
$7,600 / $14,433 X 12 = 6.3

Benefits From Automatic Lubrication

  • Gain 30 to 45 minutes a day of increased productivity for each machine by lubricating 'on the fly'.
  • Substantially improve bearing life and reduce repairs by delivering frequent, smaller amounts of grease to each bearing.
  • Cut grease consumption by delivering exact amount required.
  • Improve safety by eliminating the daily practice of climbing all over machinery to lubricate.
  • Proper lubrication no matter the environment or weather conditions.
  • Increase resale value of equipment.


The Cost of Improper Lubrication

  • Increased spending for repairs and parts.
  • Lost production due to daily manual lubridation and unexpected repairs.
  • Contamination- wearing down the pins, bushings and other components.
  • Lower resale value for used equipment.
  • Waste of lubrication caused by excess lubrication.

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