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We are a full-service company providing installation and service of fire suppression, lubrication, safety, and security equipment for business, industry, and commercial establishments. Complete Fire Protection LLC serves the midwest with over 20 years experience. Our well trained and licensed staff provide maximum assurance that our clients equipment will operate safely and effectively.  Please, refer to the side link bar for more information on our services.  For any questions,  please call us (513) 598-8865.

A Few Fire Facts

Deaths from fires and burns are the fifth most common cause of unintentional injury deaths in the United States (CDC 2005) and the third leading cause of fatal home injury (Runyan 2004). The United State’s mortality rate from fires ranks sixth among the 25 developed countries for which statistics are available (International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics 2003).

Although the number of fatalities and injuries caused by residential fires has declined gradually over the past several decades, many residential fire-related deaths remain preventable and continue to pose a significant public health problem.

Occurrence and Consequences

  • On average in the United States in 2006, someone died in a fire about every 162 minutes, and someone was injured every 32 minutes (Karter 2007).
  • Four out of five U.S. fire deaths in 2005 occurred in homes (Karter 2007).
  • In 2006, fire departments responded to 412,500 home fires in the United States, which claimed the lives of 2,580 people (not including firefighters) and injured another 12,925, not including firefighters (Karter 2007).
  • Most victims of fires die from smoke or toxic gases and not from burns (Hall 2001).
  • Smoking is the leading cause of fire-related deaths (Ahrens 2003).
  • Cooking is the primary cause of residential fires (Ahrens 2003).
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  1. In 2005, residential fires caused nearly $7 billion in property damage (Karter 2007).
  2. Fire and burn injuries represent 1% of the incidence of injuries and 2% of the total costs of injuries, or $7.5 billion each year (Finkelstein et al. 2006).
1,642,500 fires were reported in the U.S. during 2006.
The world market for fire protection and prevention is increasing by more than 6 percent per year, as an answer to vast increasing problems. More than 80,000 deaths per year, mostly children and elderly and a loss of assets with 1-3% of the GNP, depending on the country. The costs for fire protection are between 2 and 12% of the building costs. Published by ACON AG, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland, a research, information and consulting company in science and technologies.

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More than Fire Protection

In order to provide complete protection of our clients assets, we now offer security, safety, and maintenance services.  We install and maintain security cameras, Lincoln lubrication systems, vehicle back-up alarms, and vehicle back-up cameras.
Lincoln Back-up Alarm Complete Fire Protection is an authorized Lincoln distributor specializing in Service and Installation of Lincoln lubrication systems.

Safe, Secure... Peace of Mind

Wouldn't you prefer to know that your fire suppression equipment is in good working order? We not only install these systems, we are available for monthly and annual inspections. For inquiries, please contact us (513) 598-8865.

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